Porte-Bonheur - May First

The French have a most charming custom to usher in this month of merriment: the buying for oneself or one’s loved ones or friends a pot or bouquet of lily of the valley (muguet de bois). Lily of the valley is referred to as a “porte-bonheur”–literally, “bringer of happiness” or perhaps what we would call a good luck charm. Several years ago, when in Paris and leaving town for Giverney on May first and the entire country was on holiday for this day, it was such a surprising treat to see individuals selling little bunches of Muguet de bois on every street corner. I thought it such a charming custom. Unfortunately, we cannot grow or hardly obtain Lilies of the Valley here in Texas, so a photo will have to substitute. So Happy May first to you! (photo credit unavailable)